Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cecilia Who?

So, remember a few months ago when there were all those reports that young Cecilia Ahern had gone to Hollywood and was about to make it big? Well, it turns out they were true. We already knew that "P.S. I Love You" was being made into a movie with double oscar winner Hilary Swank in the lead...and if that wasn't enough to convince you, a TV show created and produced by Cecilia aired in the States on Monday night and has been really well received. "Samantha Who?" stars Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito and Jean Smart (whose name you may not know but whose face you woud recognize from a zillion different movies). I watched the first episode, and was really impressed. Its smart, funny and well acted. I know us Irish hate to see people succeed but in this case I think we may have to accept that Ceciia has done us proud!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I love Barack Obama.

Its such a shame that Hilary will probably get the nomination because that Barack Obama is just so lovely. First he spends time with Tyra. And I like it when truly smart people are with her because it shows her up for the idiot she is...and I like the fact that while on the show he said his 9 year old daughter will ask "This isn't a Hilton hotel, is it?" while they tour the country as she has taken a disliking to Paris and her exploits.


"I'm sort of hip to the younger stuff. You know, like Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love.' That's a good song to dance to." - Barack Obama


P.S. I love Bill Clinton too. A lot.

Maybe THIS is rock bottom.

Well Miss Britney. It would seem things are finally crumbling down around you. The court has now removed custody of your children. This is the right thing to do. Your children deserve more than a mother who is a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of alcohol and controlled substances. And you deserve more than life as someone who is a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of alcohol and controlled substances. Please take action and get your life back to one worth living for the sake of you and your children.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, if there was ever something that was going to force me to make time to start blogging again it was bound to be Britney's comeback.

I heard the song last week...I was pleased. It was peppy enough, and it gave me something to say (come on, how many people didn't wander around last week muttering "Its Britney bitch!" to their co-workers? Just me? Oh-kaaaay...). So, I was excited - a VMA performance? A half-decent song? Things were looking up! But then...the performance.

For the love of all that is good and holy. I put more effort into dancing around my bedroom in the morning. In fact, SHE put more effort into dancing around her bedroom to Madonna in Crossroads! She could have at least tried. For me I think this is the final straw. Yes, her face looked nice. But her outfit was shite. The staging was shite. Her hair was shite. The whole thing was shite. I give up. She's dunzo for me.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Doggiest

According to the inimitable Popbitch, Snoop Dogg requested 6 hookers on his rider for LiveEarth Germany... why the hell do I find this charming? If it was anyone else I would be ranting about abuse of women in an unsafe profession and legalisation and promotion of this behaviour in pop culture...but because its Snoop, I just say "ah..." and giggle. What hold does this rodent-like man have over me? I don't understand it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why do I care?

I just don't know...but I do. Lindsay Lohan may still be working the steps in Promises, but that doesn't stop pictures from her latest photo shoot being released. Rock star cum photographer Bryan Adams took these photos of L-Lo before her descent into complete and total rebellion:

I have to say, I love them. At least when Lindsay loses it she looks good in the process - unlike some other Promises residents... ;)


Heat magazine has the first interview with post-BB Emily (hardly surprising, they're just the best), and it seems like she is sticking to her story. She says:

"Frankly, it was a term of affection. Me and Charley were good friends in the House.

"I know it offended people, but it's a term used rather loosely among my friends - black and white.

"I was, and still am, in a state of complete and utter devastation. I'm absolutely gutted about it all. I'm so sorry."

What a bloody idiot. I understand that she is devastated, but there really is no excuse for the stupidity she displayed in there. Whatever about "loosely" among her friends - I don't really think thats acceptable either but I can kind of understand it - but on a tv show? Come on, I can stop myself swearing around young children, she can stop herself from using racist language on TV. Quelle fool.


I can't help it - these pictures are supercute. Suri is really gorgeous and Katie looks great - I really like the haircut despite the clonage. She looks like a grown-up.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh no.

Chanelle is one of my favourite housemates in this year's big brother (despite the stupid name - she can't really be blamed can she...). I love her sweet nature, the fact that she is genuine, and even her obsession with Posh. I don't however remember Victoria ever rocking this look:

How unfortunate...if I ever went into the Big Brother house (and I wouldn't simply because I wouldn't want all the horrendous photos of me and embarrassing tales of coming of age activity made public), I would probably go around burning photographs in the period running up to it. Still...todays newspaper is tomorrow's chip paper and all that. Although, that doesn't quite go for the internet, does it? Hmmm.

Yay Blondey!

I am SO glad Jessica Simpson is blonde again! For one thing, she actually looks her age, and for another, she has gone back to being the pretty Simpson. For a while there Ashlee really gave her a run for her money, what with actually having a career and having nice hair and clothes. And the plastic surgery always helps in terms of PR.

TomKat...still at it.

Well, I have to say, its lasted longer than I expected. TomKat are still bopping around the place and appear to be as close to Posh and Becks as ever. In fact, Katie appears to be turning into Posh - how much of a clone does she look like here??

In any case, I'm sure David was happy to have his friends cheer him on. I can't wait to see this attempt to take over America as it develops.

What. The hell.

She has absolutely no excuse. NO. EXCUSE!

Julia's a mommy again!

Julia Roberts has a new baba, Henry Daniel Moder. Hooray! I like new baby news, perhaps because I'm going to through a phase where I want a baby to play with...not one to actually own, but just one to play with. My goal is to get one of my friends pregnant - well, not actually do it myslef, but get a man to do it- and then borrow their child every once in a while to quell my broodiness. Anyway, Henry will join his older brother and sister Hazel and Phinnaeus at the Roberts/Moder compound, where it would seem things are plain sailing! Congrats!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Believe it or not, thats a man. And not just any man, but Sienna Miller's boyfriend Jamie Burke pictured in NYC last night. That is just NOT a good look.

Oh for God's sake.

Apparently Paris is "distraught and traumatised" by her prison sentence.

According to

Paris Hilton's psychiatrist declared that the heiress is "distraught and traumatized" and "fears incarceration" after a judge sentenced her to 45 days in jail.

Dr. Charles Sophy gave those findings in a Los Angeles Superior Court document filed Monday in an ongoing $10 million slander and libel suit against Hilton by actress Zeta Graff.

Hilton is facing an order to testify in the civil trial beginning May 21, but the psychiatrist argues that "given (Hilton's) current psychological, and emotional state ... (she's) not capable of any meaningful participation in a trial."

Em. Shocker! Did she expect to be happy? What did she think would happen? When you break the law you pay the price byotch.

Free stuff. Not fair.

So, Lindsay is back from the Bahamas after her super long makeout session with Calum Best. Apparently he is "a nice guy". I really doubt if this is anything more than a friends with benefits scenario, but I don't really have a problem with it either way. The reason I'm even posting about it is that when she came back she visited the Lucky magazine suite where there was just arseloads of free stuff for her to skive off with. According to she walked away with:

" bags of swag, including shorts and hoodies from L.A.M.B., a straw hat from Milk Boutique, a pair of Cosabella pushup bras and, according to a source, about $8,000 worth of pieces from Lia Sophia's Rue Royal jewelry line.

She also snagged $2,000 worth of sunglasses from Luxottica, including red and white pairs of Wayfarers not yet available in stores. Said Lohan of her visit to the gift suite: "I cleaned it out. I got some really cool Ray-Bans, too."

So unfair. I really think its unjust that celebrities get so much free stuff when they could buy it all on their own. I could really do with 7 bags of swag! Although I would have said no to the Wayfarers as we all know how much I hate their asses. Free stuff for me please!